Hello, Future TutorMI Tutor!

Tutormi is a comprehensive platform designed to connect teachers and learners from across the country. Our mission is to create an open market platform in which we provide a seamless experience for students, or their parents or guardians, to find the ideal tutor.

In simple terms, we provide all of the means and tools to have prospective students:

  • Find you
  • Communicate with you
  • Book tutoring appointments with you
  • Pay you for your services

Once you’ve applied and been approved to be a TutorMI tutor, your listing will be added to the website. Prospective students will find and communicate with you via email. If they want to use your tutoring services, they’ll book with you online at the TutorMI website and submit prepayment for each appointment. Once a week, you’ll get an electronic payment from TutorMI for appointment fees remitted by students, less our commission (currently 22.5%).

We know that you’ll realize that ongoing appointments and payments through our website will be far more convenient and frictionless than trying to do them yourself!

The Steps:

This is how you become a TutorMI tutor:

  1. Register for Tutor access to our website. This simple process takes just a few minutes and obtains some basic details about you.
  2. Apply to become an accepted TutorMI tutor. This process requires you to upload your qualifications, a square headshot photo, and a photo ID scan.
  3. Wait for 1-3 days. Your application and submitted media need to be checked over and approved.
  4. When you’ve received your acceptance email, you’ll first have to enroll in our connected online booking system. There, you’ll setup your rates and availability and, optionally connect and synch your Google or Outlook calendar to the booking system.
  5. You’ll then come back to this page where you’ll potentially indicate what courses and levels you’re able to teach at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, as well as post-secondary prep exams.
  6. You’ll also potentially indicate the university and post-secondary courses you want to teach.
  7. Your listing on the TutorMI website will be live and you’ll be able to respond to potential student enquiries and setup tutoring sessions.

The Forms:

  • There are four forms available to you, corresponding with steps 1, 2, 5, and 6 above.
  • Forms will only become visible as you progress through the process. So, for example, the Steps 5 and 6 Forms won’t appear until your Tutor Application has been approved.

If you have already submitted any of these forms and wish to change some of the information on them (i.e. edit your online profile), go here.

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These are the credentials you’ll set and use to log into your online account at TutorMI.

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Tutor Application Form

If there is no form displaying below, it’s because you are not currently¬†logged in¬†as a pending tutor.

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