Tutor Credentials

Personal ID Requirements

We require all tutors that would like to work with us to provide one piece of valid government photo ID. This is done to ensure that there is accountability for any problems or concerns that may arise in the future. The IDs will only be required to show your picture, your full legal name as well as the expiration date of the document to ensure its validity. We do not need other information that may be on your ID such as date of birth, any government identification numbers, place of birth, or ethnicity. We do require that all files that are uploaded to be either in PDF format or a JPEG file. The image must be easily legible and not have signs of any tampering or editing. We retain all rights to reject or request a different piece of ID be presented for any reason. Below are example scans of acceptable pieces of ID in Canada.

Redacted ID Requirements

We realize that some of our tutors might feel uneasy about providing us with some of the information that appears on these documents. Therefore, you may submit redacted personal ID images to us, if desired.

Note that the following information must remain clear and readable on your submitted personal ID:

  • Your full name.
  • Your photo.
  • Your date-of-birth.
  • The expiry date of the passport or licence.
  • The last 3 digits of either your passport or licence number.
credentials with redacted info

Teaching Credentials and Supporting Document Expectations (optional)

All supporting documents must be in PDF format and must contain your name that is present on the IDs that were presented to us during the sign-up procedure. If the name on the document and the name on the ID does not match it is up to you to provide us with other legal documents that proves that both names belong to you. Any and all degrees or certificates authenticity must be verifiable if a formal inquiry is put forth on the suspicion of falsified documents. This authentication process will be done through the government of Canadas document authentication program and you will be held accountable for any legal repercussions that may be pursued dependent on the severity of the crime. If your document cannot be verified due to it being out of country and not within the Canadian database you are allowed to provide proof either issued by the institution that provided your certification or degree or by the government of that country. Below are acceptable pieces of scans of acceptable supporting documents.

  • degrees/certificates
  • report cards