Hello, Future TutorMI Student!

TutorMI is a comprehensive platform designed to connect teachers and learners from across the country. Our mission is to create an open market platform in which we provide a seamless experience for students, or their parents or guardians, to find the ideal tutor.

In simple terms, we provide all of the means and tools to have prospective students or their parents/guardians:

  • Find the perfect tutor who offers both the subject and level you need and is located as close to you as possible.
  • Communicate with your candidate tutors in order to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Book tutoring appointments with a chosen tutor through the TutorMI website. You’ll be able to view your tutor’s availability and choose the perfect time and date.
  • Pay for the tutoring services through the TutorMI website using any credit or debit card.
  • Continue to communicate with your booked tutor, just in case there’s a change in plans.

There are no service charges or any other added costs to using the TutorMI website to find, book, and pay for tutoring sessions. TutorMI remains a viable service because it takes a small commission from each transaction.

We know that you’ll realize that booking ongoing appointments and payments through our website will be far more convenient and frictionless than trying to do so directly with a tutor. And you’ll know that each and every tutor that’s listed on the TutorMI website has had their credentials fully checked by our qualification committee.

More Details About the Process

Here are the steps — along with further details — of how to find your perfect TutorMI tutor:

  1. Register for Student access to our website. This simple process takes just a few minutes and obtains some basic details about you.
  2. Use the TutorMI search engine to find some possible awesome tutors. Note that we’ve got an extensive list of courses to choose from.
  3. After viewing the bios, credentials, and pitch of the prospective tutors, reach out to them through the TutorMI website for more information to ensure you’ve got all of the needed information to make the best decision.
  4. Once you’ve found an awesome tutor, simply check availability through their online calendar at TutorMI and book a session!
  5. Pay for your tutoring session with a credit or debit card.

Completing the Student Registration Form

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