This is a page dedicated to posting and listing resources for the TutorMI team. That is, everything from how-to documents to videos or whatever! It won’t look very pretty — but it doesn’t need to because it’s for our use only!

You can get access to the back end of the website (WordPress dashboard) a few different ways:

Once you’ve logged in, you might find that the dashboard isn’t showing up like it should; you’re just looking at the website as if you were a regular visitor. If this is the case, just put “/admin” onto the end of the URL. That is, go to and everything in the back end should appear.


This is a multi-step process and I’ve shown the major steps below and provided tutorial videos as well.

You’ve got notice that somebody has applied as a tutor. Now, you need to look over their submitted credentials and other information and then approve them. Here are the steps:

  1. You get an email “New post created.” Open it and note the name of the author. That is the username of the tutor who is applying.
  2. Find the tutor’s submitted application record from the Tutors section in the dashboard. The username will be in the Author column. Clicking the ‘Draft’ link (top left) will help.
  3. Click to ‘edit’ the draft.
  4. Browse through the application. Note that you can view submitted media (e.g. teaching credentials PDF) by clicking on it.
  5. Note that you can directly edit the data, if necessary.
  6. You can either leave the application as is, save it as a draft (if you’ve made edits), or publish the tutor record, making it visible on the website, by clicking the ‘Publish’ button (top right).
  7. Note that you can set the system to publish at a later date and time.
  8. If you want to delete the tutor record, you can do so by clicking the ‘Move to trash’ link (top mid right). Note that you’ll also have to remove the user record from the system: Dashboard > Users > All Users > Delete (when hovering over the record).