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across Canada!

Now accepting applications from prospective tutors!

Many of our tutors offer both in-person and online tutoring.

TutorMI is a comprehensive platform simply designed to connect teachers and learners. We’ve created an open marketplace that enables students to find their ideal nearby and in-person tutor.

All tutors registered with TutorMI have had their credentials checked and approved by our qualification committee. Prices are set solely by tutors, based on market rates and their abilities.

We want to make finding your ideal tutor as frictionless as possible, so it’s easy to sign-up and begin to reach out to a prospective teacher. You’ll be able to communicate with them easily through TutorMI before booking them online.

Enrollment for both students and tutors is totally free!


Find the perfect tutor in your neighbourhood!
Browse through profiles of prospective tutors.
Communicate with them and book them through our online system.


Join our network of people who love to teach!
Set your own hours and prices.
Use TutorMI to find you students and book appointments with you.

How TutorMI Works:

  • TutorMI has an ever-growing population of tutors who are willing to provide real-time, one-on-one tutoring services. They’ll do this in-person or online.
  • You register for free with TutorMI as a student, allowing you to search for the perfect tutor. You’ll be able to search by subject and grade level.
  • Once you find a suitable tutor, you can view their availability, then book and pay for a tutoring session online!

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